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What is bases

Bases is a way to group and organize your related tables together

Create Base

  • Goto dashboard page and click create base


  • Fill in the name of the base

  • You can select any tables that have no base to bind them together


  • Alternatively, you can upload a template file to import template when create base.


Search base

You can search base in dashboard page.


Redirect to table

You can create table from bases card if base has not any table. If you click at the base card, it will automatically redirect you to the first table page. You can also hover the n tables description and there will be a hover card that allows you to select which table to visit.


Export base as template

You can export all tables as a template from base settings page.


Delete base

You can delete the base in base setting page dropdown. If you deleted the base, all tables belongs to the table will not be removed.