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undb Docs

Import & Export

The import and export table data function of Undb can improve data management, integration, backup, controllability, portability, and fast migration.


The following GIF animation demonstrates how to import an external data table into the Undb system.


The currently supported format for importing data tables is CSV , Excel and json format.

User first row as header

You can specific whether use first row as header

Import records or schema only

You can uncheck import records to import schema only

Automatically infer field type

undb will automatically infer field type when you import data into undb, and you can adjust the field type by your self in frontend before import them to undb.

undb will try to detect string, number, email, select, url and json field type for you if they match the field value.


The following GIF animation shows how to successfully export Undb’s data table to your local device.


The following is a screenshot of the exported Excel spreadsheet opened locally.


Currently, the data table only supports exporting in CSV, Excel and json formats.