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Field configuration options

Field configuration menu

You can customise the field (column) type and access additional options from the field’s dropdown menu after you’ve created it. This support article will cover the various options for customising fields.

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the name of the field you want to edit to open the field configuration menu.


  • Update Field
  • Duplicate Field
  • Pin
  • Hide Field
  • Sort
  • Delete Field

More types of fields are currently under development.

Update Field

To Update a field

  1. Click on the dropdown icon next to the field you want to edit.
  2. Select ‘Update Field’.
  3. Update the field type or field name in the ‘Update field’ modal.
  4. Click the ‘Update’ button when all desired changes are made.


Sort Fields

There are numerous ways to arrange distinct field types. Keep in mind that while sorting in ascending order, blank values nearly always appear at the top.

Fields can be sorted in ascending order (A → Z) or descending order (Z → A).

Text field types can be sorted alphabetically (A → Z) or in reverse alphabetical order (Z → A), including string, email, bool, color, and single select fields.


Create a filter

To create a filter

  1. Click the filter button.
  2. Select the field from the dropdown menu in the Filter modal.
  3. Create filter.


Hide field

Hiding fields from the field header.

By clicking the field header in grid view and choosing the Hide field option from the dropdown menu, you can also hide a field.


You can also show or hide special fields by clicking the ‘Manage Fields’ button on the top navigation and selecting the fields to control their display.


Delete field

To delete a field.

You can do it by selecting the Delete field option from the dialog box beside the field s name.

  1. Click on the dropdown icon next to the field you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete field.


Note that currently the deleted field cannot be recovered.