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Field Types


Basic table field types are the different data types that can be stored in a table, such as text, numbers, and dates, and are used to classify and manage data effectively.

Field typeDescription
StringThe String field type stores text values of varying lengths.
EmailThe email field type in a table is used for storing email addresses
AttachmentThe attachment field type in a table is used for storing files, such as documents or images, that are related to a specific record.
ColorThe Color field type in a table helps identify and group related records, and can be used for visualizing data and customization purposes.
BoolBooleans have only two options, like “True” or “False”, and are useful for indicating binary data such as fulfillment status.
NumberNumber field type stores numbers and is handy for math operations, filtering, and sorting.
RatingRating field collects user opinions with a scale (e.g. 1-10 stars) for analyzing satisfaction and preferences.
DateDate field schedules and tracks time by storing and displaying deadlines, due dates, and events.
Date RangeDate Range field tracks project duration in a table for sorting/filtering.
SelectSelect field provides drop-down menu for precise data selection and easy analysis.
Multi SelectSMulti-select fields allow users to select one or multiple options from a list of choices.
CurrencyThis is often used to represent and record currency amounts for a specific currency.
JSONUsed to store and process structured data.
URLUsed to store and display link addresses, enabling quick navigation and access to webpages and resources.


The system field in a Smartsheet functions to record system information, including the creation and modification times, the creator and modifier’s names, etc. Users can check this field to get insights into the creation, modification history, and other related system information of a sheet.

Field TypesDescription
AutoIncrementAutoIncrement field in Smartsheet automatically assigns unique numbers to new rows and can’t be manually edited.
CollaboratorAssign collaborators by selecting names from a list of workspace members.


Field TypesDescription
referenceReference column links Smartsheet sheets for sharing and syncing data.
TreeSmartsheet’s Tree column supports hierarchical row organization with summary totals and multiple levels.

You can refer to Reference fields for information on how to use Reference field types.


Field TypesDescription
LookupYou can look for a specific field in a linked row using a lookup field.
CountUsed to calculate the number of elements in a list or collection.
SumUsed to calculate the total of a list or set of numbers.
AverageA function used to calculate the average value of a list or set of numbers.
MinUsed to automatically calculate and display the minimum value from all associated values of the current record.

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